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Glaucoma in Roselle Park

Roselle Park eye doctor
Roselle Park eye doctor

Glaucoma can be dangerous if it’s ignored. It’s the second leading cause of blindness and may damage your optic nerve. Complicating things is that there are no early warning signs for this disease. At Palisade Eye, we recommend a yearly visits to our Roselle eye doctor for a screening. Glaucoma affects people of all ages.

When an imbalance exists between the amount of fluid your eyes create and the amount they drain, your internal eye pressure increases, which is the cause of glaucoma. By the time symptoms being to appear, it is typically an indication that you have reached an advanced stage, which means that you may have experienced some degree of irreversible vision loss or harm to your eyes. Early diagnosis is essential. Our Roselle Park eye doctor performs tests such as tonometry. It measures your internal eye pressure, and that is a primary indicator of glaucoma. Photos of your optic nerve may also be needed to reach a definitive conclusion. Depending on how far the disease has managed to progress, there may be several possible treatment options, which our Roselle Park eye doctor will go over with you. If there is no damage to your optic nerve, the goal of treatment will be to correct the underlying imbalance, which can be done in one of three ways. One is to reduce the production of fluid, which requires the application of special eye drops. Another involves making fluid drainage more efficient. Laser treatments succeed in doing that. And in some cases, you might need microsurgery to create a new channel from which your eye fluid can drain. Optic nerve damage, if present, will be assessed and possible solutions discussed.

Don’t let glaucoma cause you undue difficulties. Call our office today and make an appointment to come in for a screening.

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