Eye treatment in Roselle Park

Eye Treatment in Roselle Park

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Treating dry eyes in Roselle Park

Eye treatment in Roselle Park
Eye treatment in Roselle Park

When your eyes don’t produce sufficient tears, or the tears they make are of poor quality, your eyes become dry. At Palisade Eye, we are pleased to help with diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment.

Our eye treatment in Roselle Park is based on giving you back the necessary moisture so that you do not experience discomfort. Among the factors that contribute to the problem are exposure to wind and smoke, which means second hand smoke, as well as your own. Dry indoor air is a concern, too. Some of the most typical symptoms that you should be aware of are a burning sensation or itchiness in your eyes, redness, sensitivity to light, blurry vision, or discomfort when wearing your contact lenses. When you come in for an examination, our eye doctor will conduct a full checkup which may include special testing to determine the quantity and quality of your tears. Both tests are non-invasive, but can help to provide a clearer picture of what is going on regarding your dry eyes. Our eye treatment in Roselle Park will typically be special eye drops called artificial tears, which can vary in strength depending on how severe your dry eyes are. Some environmental and lifestyle changes are also highly recommended. Avoid tobacco smoke whenever possible, and if you’re outside on windy days, then be certain to wear eyeglasses or sunglasses. Try to stay out of air-conditioning. And consider getting one or more humidifiers for your home. They add vital moisture to the air. If the above suggestions along with artificial tears do not provide the desired results, it’s possible that you might be a candidate for surgery.

Don’t suffer with dry eyes any longer. Contact our office now and arrange an appointment to come in for our eye treatment in Roselle Park to get the relief you want.

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