Eye Allergies Union

Eye Allergies Union

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Treating Eye Allergies in Union

Don’t rub your eyes, and don’t just sit there and suffer. When you have eye allergies Union, turn to us at Palisades Eye as your source for expert treatment. Although known for discomfort and frustration, eye allergies don’t pose a significant danger to your eyes or your vision beyond the temporary. That’s good news. Even better news is that we have the solutions to provide you with relief.

Your eye allergies Union originate in your immune system, as do nasal and skin allergies. When your body senses a threat to your health, it takes immediate action. The symptoms that you experience are the results of that action: burning, watery eyes, itchy eyes, swollen eyelids, redness, and possibly sneezing and runny nose, as well. It depends on how badly you feel as to what type of remedy is most applicable. Our eye doctor will examine you and suggest the most appropriate option. Over-the-counter medication might be sufficient, especially in mild cases. There are also prescription strength ones. In order to truly minimize the impact of your eye allergies Union and to prevent future bouts, take a close look at the things in your home. Bedding is frequently a culprit. One way to deal with it is to wash your sheets, pillow cases, blankets, and more with hot water. Make sure it is at least 130 degrees or more. You may also want to replace them. There are new allergen resistant products you can get. The same is true with your mattress. Also, keep your windows closed on high pollen count days.

The circumstances that result in eye allergies can leave you feeling absolutely miserable, and make your vision less than ideal. Why put up with that for any longer than absolutely necessary? Instead, place a call to our office or use your handy form. Just press the appointment button at the top of our website.

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