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Cataract Surgery Roselle Park

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Cataract Surgery in Roselle Park

Cataract Surgery Roselle Park
Cataract Surgery Roselle Park

In the early stages of cataracts, you may not even notice any signs of blurry or cloudy vision, but eventually they will become obvious. At that point, eyeglasses or contacts are prescribed. And then as the disease progresses, even those are no longer sufficient. It’s then that you can turn to us at Palisade Eye for the surgical procedure that provides a permanent solution.

Cataracts are the result of a protein buildup on the outer surface of your eyes’ natural lenses. Over time, the buildup increases in size and quantity of the deposits. Although cataracts are not a cause of total blindness, they rob you of your independence and the joy of participating in many of the activities that you love. Our cataract surgery Roselle Park is designed to accomplish two goals: first, to remove the cataract-ridden lenses of your eyes; second, to replace them with intraocular lens implants that serve the same purpose and also serve to correct your vision to varying degrees. Depending on three factors, one of three types of implant will be used. Those factors are your vision needs, your insurance coverage, and your personal budget. Monofocal implants improve your distance vision, but you will still need reading glasses for seeing well up close. There are also implants for correcting astigmatism. And finally, the most broadly beneficial, but also most expensive, option are the multifocal lens implants. Our cataract surgery Roselle Park is conducted in the same manner in all three cases. The difference is in the result and whether or not you will need corrective eyewear anymore. For 80% of patients, multifocal lens implants mean freedom from prescription lenses for good.

Book an appointment at our office for a consultation and examination, during which it will be determined if you are a good candidate for our cataract surgery Roselle Park, and if so, then which lens implant choice is most appropriate for your needs and circumstances.

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