Cataract surgery Roselle Park

Cataract Surgery Roselle Park

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Cataract surgery in Roselle Park

Cataract surgery Roselle Park is a serious matter at the offices of Palisade Eye, where our team of ophthalmologists and other highly trained and experienced staff cater to the vision needs of the entire family in a compassionate and caring way. Our practice state-of-the-art office is equipped with the latest in ophthalmological diagnostic and laser therapy equipment.

Cataracts are a common eye condition that develops slowly over time but can cause impaired vision and eventual blindness if left untreated. It affects each eye individually. A cataract is a clouding of the eye’s lens, which is the part of the eye that focuses light images onto the retina before they are sent to the brain. According to our doctors; clouding of the eye prevents the images from reaching the retina. The larger the cataract has grown, the less of the image reaches the retina. Early symptoms of a cataract included blurred images, difficulty in seeing at night, or the dulling of formerly bright colors. While clouding can be caused by eye injury, certain diseases or even some medications 90 percent of cataracts are due to the aging process. Unfortunately, cataracts cannot be prevented nor can they be treated with medications, diet or even laser therapy. The best way to undo the clouding is to surgically remove the eye’s natural lens and providing a replacement lens. This cataract surgery Roselle Park is highly successful and will not only restore your vision but may improve it, especially your vision at far-off distances. When is the right time to have cataract surgery? Our doctors suggest that only the patient can determine when the time is right, a cataract should be removed when it begins to limit your ability to do things and hampers the quality of your life.

Our doctors have several different lens options that they can use in replacing the eye’s natural lens during cataract surgery Roselle Park. Our doctors will assist the patient in making the choice after carefully explaining the options. The patient’s visual acuity, lifestyle, budget and other needs will all play a role in the choice. Generally, a replacement lens will greatly improve the patient’s nearsightedness to the point that they will no longer need glasses, but won’t help any presbyopia, age-related farsightedness, the patient experiences, but there are now multi-focal implant replacement lenses available that allow cataract patients to see without glasses at any distance.. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms of cataracts, or any other vision problem please let our doctors evaluate your condition to determine how best to help you.

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